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Join our masterclass in Advanced Anti-Wrinkle to discover the various techniques that are beneficial to becoming an expert in the widely sought-for Anti-Wrinkle treatment.

Our masterclass will teach you the detailed requirements to create effective results with long-term results, to create 100% client satisfaction. We have medical aesthetic training courses in the West Midlands, London, Manchester and even Dubai.

Our widely recognised cosmetic training gets booked up quickly so, book today to avoid disappointment.

  1. You will understand the safest way to use Botulinum and Toxin in aesthetic medicine.
  2. You will know the most effective techniques to assess the placement of anti-wrinkle treatment
  3. You will become understanding of client expectations and deliver to these effectively
  4. You will conduct facial mapping to observe one’s complexion and effectively carry out anti-wrinkle treatment accordingly
  5. You will gain a natural ability and appreciation for anti-wrinkle procedures along with being equipped with the most effective practical and theoretical knowledge within this area of cosmetics
  6. You will critically understand the dosage criteria for each area of the facial complexion
  7. You will have a detailed understand of how to perform procedures throughout out live demonstrations and practical workshops with models
  8. You will be able to keep complications to a minimal and where they do arise, you will know how to deal with them effectively, as part of your medical aesthetics training
  1. Chemical ‘Brow Lift’ – throughout the aesthetics training, you will understand how to effectively carry out this procedure targeted for those who have drooping brows or eyelids
  2. Bunny Lines – you will effectively be able t reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the bridge of one’s nose and around the nose also
  3. Gummy Smiles – our aesthetics training course will allow you to perform the procedure applicable to excessive gum tissue covering the teeth
  4. Smokers Lines – you will be able to perform anti-wrinkle treatment to reduce the fine lines that appear vertically around the mouth
  5. Down Turned Mouths – you will effectively be able to reverse the look of a downturned mouth as a result of our expert medical aesthetics training
  6. Dimpled/’Pebbled’ Chins – our anti-wrinkle cosmetics training will allow you to reduce the look of a bumpy or uneven chin
  7. Turkey Neck (Nerfertiti Lift & Plastysmal Bands) – throughout the live demonstrations and cosmetic workshops on this course, you will understand the important techniques to tackle the loss of elasticity on the neck
  8. Jawline Definition & The Wide-Set Jaw – understand the detailed techniques used to create the desired jawline contours that the client desires
  9. Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) – understand how to tackle this issue throughout your medical aesthetics training course with Mr Ash Labib

You will receive a certificate outlining the training you have been provided, on completion of the course.

£1100 (inc VAT and Products) for a full day course.

  1. Become an expert in various techniques to tackle forms of ageing that will allow you to widen your employment opportunities
  2. Work flexibly within this market instead of the pressuring long hours that the NHS require
  3. As the most popular cosmetics treatment in the UK, anti-wrinkle treatments can provide you with high incomes and flexible working patterns
  4. Train with a leading cosmetics specialist with 24 years of experience, to gain the most out of your medical aesthetics training.

This masterclass is a CPD accredited service and provides you with a full day of training, required from CPD.

Certificate On Completion

Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: £1100 (Inc VAT)


“I modelled for the Non-Surgical Nose Job in training with medical delegates taught by The Nose King Ash Labib. My nose was perfectly straight afterwards and the flair of my nostrils reduced. A perfect nose using Juvederm fillers giving the illusion of a smaller nose by adding to it! Fantastic result and Ash even added some filler to my chin to balance out my features. Really happy with the results and hope to model for Ash again.”

Jenny Essex

“Just returned from a weekend of pure excellence, you guys were literally amazing, we’ve had the best learning experience ever and we will definitely be returning for more training. Thank you.”

Stephanie Rebekah

“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience yesterday. Ash is so in depth and a brilliant teacher. Looking forward to performing these procedures knowing I have been taught by the best.”

Linda Willis

“Brilliant day training at AL Aesthetics. Very professional and top quality training! Highly recommend! Cant wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice!”

Sara Greenwood

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